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Bracelets, Galore...

Red Hat Bracelet- designed by Susan
Colorful & Fun Red Hat Charms dangle from strand of Red, Purple & Sterling Silver Beads.
SS Toggle Clasp.  Specify size in inches.

Metallic Blue Star Bracelet- designed by Lori
Fun Metallic Cobalt Blue beads splashed with Fushia & Gold, mixed with tiny Pink Seed Beads.  Matching earrings.
Bracelet $10.00; Earrings $10.00

Brown Glass Bracelet- designed by Lori
Mix of Beautiful Brown Glass Beads in Earth Tones.
Available on stretch cord (shown), or strung on jewelry wire with clasp.
7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.

Pastel Cat's Eye Bead Bracelet- designed by Susan
Colorful, Pastel Cat's Eye Beads surrounded by Sterling Silver Beadcaps with SS Lobster-Claw clasp.  (Can be made with SS Toggle Clasp).

Pink Rose Bracelet- designed by Lori
Fabulous Lampworked Glass Beads.
Clear with Black inside & Pink Roses with a splash of green. Finished with pink and black seed beads. Metal Toggle Clasp.  7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.

Black Onyx and SS Round Beads- designed by Susan
Highly polished, Genuine Black Onyx Beads complimented by Shining Sterling Silver Balls, SS Accent Beads, and SS Toggle Clasp.  Specify size in inches.

Green and Pink Bracelet- by Lori
Handmade, imported Confetti Glass Beads in Green, Clear & Pink. Finished with pink accent beads. Order on Stretch Cord (shown), or with clasp.  7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.

Cobalt Blue & White Bracelets- by Lori
Left- Cobalt Blue, Faceted Glass beads with white seed beads. 
Right- Blue/White Swirl Glass beads with blue and white seed beads. 
Shown on Stretch Cord, but can be made with clasp, 7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.
$7.50 each

Red Bracelet- designed by Susan
Gorgeous, Deep Red Glass Beads with Metal Accents, lobster-claw clasp.

Matte Black Onyx Bracelet- designed by Susan
Finely made, Fashionable Matte Black Onyx Beads look exquisite with Sterling Silver Accent Spacers. SS Toggle Clasp. 

Blue Sun/Moon Bracelet - designed by Lori
Sun/Moon silver beads between Cobalt Blue Faceted Glass Beads. Lobster-claw clasp.
7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.

Blue Flower Bracelet- designed by Susan
Beautiful Oval, Glass Beads, clear with detailed Blue Flower design inside, Sterling Silver Accent Beads & SS Toggle Clasp.

Midnight Black Bracelet- designed by Lori
Interesting mix of Glossy, Chunky Black Beads with small Celtic Cross Charm.  Lobster-claw clasp. 7 1/2" unless otherwise specified. 

3 Strand Crystal & Black Onyx Bracelet - designed by Susan
3 Sparkling Strands of Clear Crystal Seed Beads held by a trio of dramatic, Genuine Black Onyx beads.  
Sterling Silver 3 Strand Clasp adds a special touch.  Specify size.

Green Stripe Bracelet- designed by Lori
Pretty Green Stripe Glass Beads with green seed bead accents. Shown- Stretch cord, but can be made with clasp. 7 1/2" unless otherwise specified.

Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Bracelets- designed by Susan 
Elegant Bracelets... 
- All Sterling Silver Bracelet.
- Blue Sapphire Round & Diamond Shape Swarovski Crystals Combination.
- All round Swarovski Crystal Bracelet in Emerald. 
These bracelets can be made in any color or combination of colors of Swarovski Crystals.
Crystals $40.00; all SS $45.00

Prayer Bracelet- designed by Susan
Detailed Sterling Silver Prayer Box opens to put prayer or special message inside.
Colorful Blue & Purple Swarovski Faceted Round Crystals, SS Balls & Bead Caps, SS Toggle Clasp. 
May request different color(s) crystals.

Mother's Bracelet w/Child's Name, (Single Strand)- designed by Susan 
Sterling Silver Alphabet Cube Beads spell out Child's Name, (or just initials).
Swarovski Faceted, Round Birthstone Crystals cradled in gorgeous, Sterling Silver Bead Caps, with SS Balls.


Mother's Bracelet w/Children's Names, (2 Strand)- designed by Susan 
Sterling Silver Alphabet Cube Beads with Children's Names & their Swarovski Faceted, Round Birthstone Crystals, with Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp, Sterling Silver Beads.
Each child's name & birthstone crystal together on one strand. 
(Can request smaller alphabet cube beads as shown in 3 strand below).

Mother's Bracelet w/Children's Names, (3 Strand)- designed by Susan 
 Perfect Present for any Mom!  Pictured- (two Mother's Bracelets). 
Choose between large or small Sterling Silver Alphabet Cube Beads to spell out Children's Names. Swarovski Faceted, Round Birthstone Crystals, with Sterling Silver Balls & SS Toggle Clasp.
Each Child's Name (or initials) & Birthstones together on strand- one strand per child.
Available in up to 5 strands.

Birthstone Bracelet- designed by Susan
Striking Swarovski Birthstone, Faceted Round Crystals cradled in Sterling Silver Bead Caps with Sterling Silver Balls & SS Toggle Clasp.
May be customized with any color Swarovski Crystal beads. 
Shown- 3 children's birthstones: March (Aquamarine), September (Sapphire) and December (Capri Blue). 

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